Our Jewelry

Fatty’s Tattoos & Piercings offers only the highest quality body jewelry available to the industry. Unlike most of our competitors who sell cheap externally threaded jewelry, all of our barbells are internally threaded and have a mirror polish. All our Captive Bead Rings are fully annealed and also have a mirror polish. All the steel, titanium and niobium implant jewelry we carry meet the ASTM medical implant grade standards.

Why Internally threaded jewelry?

Safety and quality are the reasons that Fatty’s uses internally threaded jewelry. Threads are present on all body jewelry that has a removable end piece that screws off. The threads look much like the threads on a screw. With internally threaded jewelry, the threads are on the removable end piece. The barbell shaft is smooth which passes through the pierced area easily. With externally threaded jewelry, the threads are on the barbell shaft which means that the threaded end passes through the piercing every time the jewelry is inserted or removed. This is undesirable for two reasons. The threads not only can cause irritation to the piercing, but the threads provide nooks for bacteria to reside in which comes into contact with raw flesh enhancing the risk of infection. You will notice when comparing jewelry prices that internally threaded jewelry costs more than externally threaded jewelry. This is due to the fact that it’s more difficult and costly to manufacture.

ASTM is the Association for the Standardizing and Testing of Materials. Our manufacturers are more than willing to provide a materials certification including the ASTM numbers assigned to each of the corresponding metals:

Medical implant grade steel (316lvm): ASTM F138
Medical implant grade titanium: ASTM F136
Medical implant grade niobium: ASTM B392

We are the exclusive retailer for Body Vision (bodyvision.net) in Washington DC. All of our jewelry comes from companies that are known for their quality products including Industrial Strength, Neometal, Gorilla Glass, and Anatometal.

We also carry a wide selection of handmade organic jewelry from Tawapa and One Tribe. These are elaborate traditional pieces made from sabo wood, water buffalo horn, ebony, bloodwood, and bone. Other materials include many types of stone such as quartz, opalite, amazonite, jasper, ametrine, amethyst, obsidian and tigers eye.

If you can’t quite find the exact piece of jewelry that you’re looking for, we invite you to make a special order. Choose from hundreds of jewelry pieces from numerous jewelry suppliers. Come on in, and Michelle will assist you in finding the right piece of jewelry.

If you would like more information about our jewelry, contact Dani at 202-452-0999 (option 4), email her at dani@fattystattoos.com, or stop by one of our three locations.