Want a custom tattoo?

You’ve gone to the other places and gotten run around on how to go about getting a custom tattoo. It seems like at most shops, if you can’t pick it off the wall or bring exactly what you want fully prepared, it’s like pulling teeth!

Fortunately you’ve found Fatty’s Tattoos & Piercings. At Fatty’s we make the process of getting the custom tattoo of your dreams easy and comfortable. You will notice that our walls are not covered with typical “pick em and stick em” tattoo flash. Our walls proudly display original paintings and art by the actual tattoo artists themselves. Every tattoo artist at Fatty’s specializes in creating custom art for our clients on demand.

If you are ready for your custom tattoo this is how it works:

Be prepared:

Come to Fatty’s with all of your reference material. It can be a photograph, a piece of art, an object, rough sketches, or just an idea or any and all things that inspire your tattoo idea. The more you bring the better. You are also welcome to write corresponding notes with your material. Its always best if you bring hard copies of your ideas but you can also bring images on your mobile device. When coming in to get your tattoo make sure you have food and fluids at least an hour before getting tattooed. Also make sure that you have bathed and are clean.


Although you do not need to make an appointment to discuss your ideas with an artist, we recommend that you call before coming down to see if the artist you want is working and what their schedule will be for the day. It’s always best if we can talk to you between clients. The artist will discuss your ideas with you, possibly give you some recommendations and guidance, and then be able to give you a time and price estimate.

Making an Appointment:

Although we do accept walk ins, you will sometimes need to make an appointment when an artist is not immediately available. After you have discussed your tattoo ideas and pricing with the artist, its time to make your appointment! You will need to make a down payment (usually $100-$200 which is applied to the final cost of your tattoo) and schedule your appointment, which must be done in person at Fatty’s.

Checking for Artist Availability:

To check for walk-in or artist availability give the shop a call (do not email us for this information) 202 452 0999 between 12 noon and 8pm.

Creating your Custom Tattoo:

After you have discussed your tattoo and made your appointment, the artist will create your design. This may be done off site but is often done at the time of your appointment, either by drawing up a stencil or creating a freehand design (with pens) straight onto the skin. Once you have approved your tattoo design, then the tattooing will commence!

Tattoo Pricing:

Fattys charges $175 an hour for tattoos that take 7 hours or more to complete. All other tattoos are priced by the piece. Please understand that we do charge for any time involved in preparing your tattoo including discussing your piece and drawing at the time of your appointment. Tattoo estimates often require a discussion with an artist so you will need to come into the shop in person for pricing your tattoo. Our minimum charge for tattoos is $70.

Age Requirements:

You must be at least 18 to get tattooed at Fatty’s. We will perform some piercings on minors only out of our Silver Spring location (see our “Piercing Hours & Pricing” page for a full list).