Stef’s Bio

Stef is a Maryland native who was drawn to art at an early age. She first became interested in tattooing by drawing tattoo designs for friends. Her skills got her noticed which eventually led to her tattoo career which began in 2014.

After getting her start professionally in Maryland, Stef ended up working in DC where she acquired a following and a reputation for her distinct tattoo style, her attention to detail, her gentle and friendly personality and her steady hand.

Stef enjoys doing fine line work, black work, and neo-traditional tattooing but is also fluent in many different art styles. She enjoys working with her clients and the inspirations they bring to her.

Stef can be found at our H St. location Monday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday 1-8pm. If you would like to contact Stef, call the shop during operating hours or email her at:
If you would like to see more of Stef’s work, follow her on Instagram: