Valerie’s Bio (@valerieleatherman)

Valerie Leatherman is originally from the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia. Her interest in body modification started in her younger years which blossomed into a piercing apprenticeship at age 19. She began piercing professionally in 2014.

Valerie is known for her professional bedside manner and technical skills which result in a quick, safe and comfortable piercing experience. Every piercing she does is treated as a collaborative experience between piercer and client. Valerie knows that every client is different and her goal with each client is to highlight their defining features by placing jewelry strategically to compliment the wearer.

Valerie works at our Silver Spring location every Saturday, at our H street location on Friday, and at our Dupont Circle location on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday from 1-8pm. If you would like to contact Valerie, call the shop during operating hours or email her: