Frequently Asked Questions


Can I Get a Tattoo If I’m Under 18? No. You must be at least 18 years old in order to receive any tattoo services at Fattys.
What Type of ID Does Fattys Accept? Here are the forms of ID we accept:
  • A non-expired state or federal government issued ID card
  • A non-expired driver’s license
  • A non-expired passport
  • A non-expired military issued ID card
  • A non-expired permanent resident alien ID card
What Forms of Payment Does Fattys Accept? Here are the forms of Payment we accept:
  • Cash (We Offer a Cash Discount of 3%)
  • All Major Credit and Debit Cards
  • Google and Apple Pay
  • Paypal and Venmo
Do You Accept Walk Ins? We work by appointment only. However, if you happen to show up when an artist is present and available then we sometimes can accommodate walk-ins. Keep in mind that we have no regular business hours and keep our doors locked so when you arrive ring the buzzer to see if anyone can fit you in. You may get lucky!
How Do I Book A Tattoo Appointment at Fattys? Learn about our appointment process here.
How Do I Reschedule or Cancel My Tattoo Appointment? Contact your artist directly to reschedule or cancel your appointment. When rescheduling please give your artist at least a 24 hour notice to avoid the loss of your deposit. All cancellations will result in the loss of your deposit.
Do I Need a Consultation? Unless you have an ongoing tattoo project or have already discussed your tattoo ideas with an artist, you will most likely need to arrange a consultation by submitting a tattoo request here. When submitting your tattoo request form you can request how you would like to receive a price quote or what type of consultation you would prefer (in person, email, phone call or text message).
How Long Will It Take for my Artist To Respond to My Tattoo Request? Responses to tattoo requests typically take between 1-4 days depending on how many requests we are fielding. One way to speed up your artist’s response time is to fill out the questionnaire fully.
How Much Is It Going to Cost? Our artists charge a minimum of $200 an hour for tattoos that take 7 hours or more to complete. All other tattoos that take under 7 hours to complete are priced by the piece at a rate higher than our hourly rate. Please understand that we do charge for any time involved in preparing your tattoo including researching, drawing and discussing your piece.
Our base minimum charge for tattoos is $100.
Our base minimum charge for tattoos that are on the head, face, neck, elbows, knees, hands, fingers and feet is $150.
Is My Tattoo Deposit an Extra Fee? Is It Refundable? Tattoo deposits are required to book a tattoo appointment and will be requested by your artist. The deposit is not an extra fee and goes towards the price of your tattoo. If you do not show up for your appointment or decide you want to cancel and not receive a tattoo, the tattoo deposit is non refundable.
Do I Need To Provide an Image for my Tattoo? Or Does Fattys Have Images I can Choose From? You do not need an exact image of your desired tattoo in order for our artists to create your tattoo but reference images are always welcome. Every tattoo artist at Fattys is a true artist in that we can create a unique piece of art for you! We do not have pick-em-and-stick-em tattoo designs on our wall. We believe that every individual deserves their own custom individualized piece of art, not a corny piece of tattoo flash that a hundred other people already have.
Does It Hurt? The sensation of getting a tattoo varies between customers. Usually tattoos hurt just enough to be exciting but are usually not unbearable. Larger tattoos (which are usually done in multiple sessions) are usually more painful but the pain can be mitigated by the use of lidocaine spray.
Do You Use Numbing Cream? We do not administer numbing creams because from our experience numbing creams can irritate the skin (sometimes drastically) and can affect the quality of the outcome of your tattoo procedure. Numbing creams are not made to interact with ink particles under your skin.
However if you would like to purchase and apply your own numbing cream before your procedure you are welcome to do so but the outcome and any touch ups needed will be your responsibility. If you are planning to do this we recommend doing your research and testing on skin away from the tattoo site to see if there are any bad reactions to your skin before your tattoo session.
Although we do not sell and use numbing cream, some of our artists do use lidocaine sprays which are specifically made for tattoo procedures and do help sooth the tattoo and in some cases numb the tattoo (sensitivity to the sprays varies between customers). We find these are especially helpful for larger scale tattoos.
Are Tattoos Safe? Tattoos are typically safe as long as you take proper care of your tattoo while it is healing and that you do not have an allergy to tattoo pigment, which is extremely rare. There are certain medical conditions that may make receiving tattoos unsafe if you are a diabetic, have epilepsy, hemophilia, or a heart condition. In these cases you would need to consult and be cleared by your doctor in order to receive a tattoo procedure.
How Long Does It Take for My Tattoo to Heal? Tattoos typically take between 4 days and two weeks to heal if properly taken care of but this time varies between clients.
How Do I Take Care of My Tattoo Over the Long-Term? Protect your tattoo from sun exposure and live a healthy lifestyle. Anything that is good for your skin is good for your tattoo.
How Long Will My Tattoo Last? Your tattoo will last for life! However the quality of how your tattoo will age will depend on a few factors including the colors used in your tattoo (light shading and lighter colors typically fade quicker), sun exposure, general skin care and your genetics.
What Is the Best Time of Year to Get a Tattoo? This depends on your lifestyle and skin. You will want to avoid direct sunlight and soaking your tattoo (showers are fine) while it is healing for at least 2 weeks. In the colder months something to consider is how dry the air is and if your particular skin is affected by the dry air. This could prolong the 2nd phase of your healing when the wound is healed but the skin is still dry/scabbing and your skin ph is still adjusting. Another thing to consider is if you do any activities at a particular time of year that would cause friction or rubbing on the tattooed area which you would want to avoid while your tattoo is healing.
Is It OK to Get a Tattoo if I’m Sick? If you are sick the day of your appointment then contact your artist to reschedule your appointment.
What Should I Do/Don’t Do Before my Tattoo Appointment? Eat a full meal, fully hydrate and bathe before your tattoo appointment. Be well rested and please arrive sober (we will not be able to tattoo you if you’re intoxicated). Show up on time (or a little before to play it safe) and always account for the time it takes to park if you’re driving to your appointment.
Does Fattys Do Cover Ups? Yes we do. Usually an old tattoo can be covered with a larger, darker tattoo. However some old tattoos will need to be faded or fully removed with laser treatments due to their size and/or darkness. In this case reach out to us for a referral for a reputable tattoo removal company and we will be happy to assist you.
Can I Bring a Friend To My Tattoo Appointment? Contact your artist directly to inquire about bringing other people to your tattoo appointment.
Are Children Allowed in Your Studio? No, please do not bring your children to your tattoo appointment.
Should I Tip My Tattoo Artist? Tips are always welcome but not necessary. If you feel like tipping your artist it is always appreciated!
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