Tattoo FAQ

You’ve gone to the other places and gotten run around on how to go about getting a custom tattoo. It seems like at most shops, if you can’t pick it off the wall or bring exactly what you want fully prepared, it’s like pulling teeth!

Fortunately you’ve found Fatty’s Tattoos & Piercings. At Fatty’s we make the process of getting the custom tattoo of your dreams easy and comfortable. You will notice that our walls are not covered with typical “pick em and stick em” tattoo flash. Our walls proudly display original paintings and art by the actual tattoo artists themselves. Every tattoo artist at Fatty’s specializes in creating custom art for our clients on demand.

Making an Appointment:

All tattoos are done by appointment only. Tattoo appointment requests can be made online at our website under the tattoos menu by selecting the “Tattoo Appointments and Estimates” button.

Tattoo Estimates:

All tattoo estimates are done online. Tattoo appointment requests can be made online at our website under the tattoos menu by selecting the “Tattoo Appointments and Estimates” button. From there you will be contacted by an artist who will either be able to price your tattoo via email or they may schedule a virtual consultation in order to fully understand your ideas and scope of work.

Be prepared:

When coming in to get your tattoo make sure you have recently eaten and are hydrated. Also make sure that you have bathed and are clean.

Tattoo Pricing:

Our artists charge a minimum of $175 an hour for tattoos that take 7 hours or more to complete. All other tattoos are priced by the piece. Please understand that we do charge for any time involved in preparing your tattoo including discussing your piece and drawing at the time of your appointment. Our minimum charge for tattoos is $70.

Tattoo Aftercare:

Remove your plastic bandage when you get home. Do not leave bandage on for more than 3 hours. After bandage is removed, all remaining ointment and bodily fluid should be wiped off the tattoo either by using a clean, wet paper towel or in the shower using minimal soap. Make sure your hands are clean before cleaning your tattoo. Make sure any paper towels used to clean your tattoo are disposed of properly.

For the first 1-2 days, lightly moisturize your tattoo 1-2 times daily with A+D ointment. Once the tattoo is no longer an open wound and the skin has begun to seal, discontinue using the A+D ointment and begin moisturizing the tattooed area as needed with After Inked or a mild skin lotion. Continue using skin lotion twice daily until your skin’s natural pH balance is achieved. Always wash hands before applying ointments and lotions. If you have any kind of bad reaction to either your ointment or lotion (rash, bumps, soreness, redness, etc), discontinue using all moisturizing products and contact Fatty’s immediately.

Your tattoo will sometimes flake, peel, and/or scab in a few days. This is a normal part of the healing process. Often a tattoo will itch during this time. Do not scratch your tattoo. Allow the flakes to fall off naturally. Wear loose, breathable clothing that does not rub against your healing tattoo. Do not engage in any activity that would cause any rubbing or friction of the tattooed area. Do not allow anything unclean to touch a healing tattoo including public places, animals, pools, baths, bodies of water, etc.

Avoid the use of oils, sun block and beauty products on a healing tattoo.

For the first night only, Fatty’s recommends that you cover your tattoo with a Dri-Lock pad right before going to bed. Lightly moisturize your tattoo with A+D ointment before wrapping it. Secure your plastic covering with tape and wear clothing that will aid in keeping the covering on throughout the night. Take the pad off when waking and again follow the bandage removal instructions.

After your tattoo is fully healed, Fatty’s recommends using sun block (SPF 40 or higher) when exposing the tattoo to the sun. Keep your skin moisturized.

Age Requirements:

You must be at least 18 to get tattooed at Fatty’s. We will perform some piercings on minors only out of our Silver Spring location (See Piercing FAQ for details).